We are a 

Hunger Action Congregation

In 2018 we signed the pledge to become a Hunger Action Congregation with the Presbyterian Hunger Program.  We are currently working to fulfill each of the objectives and are working towards becoming an Earth-care Congregation.

Hunger Action
Congregations Covenant:




As disciples of a loving God who inspires us to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God, we commit to faithful action to end hunger and address its root causes.

For more information about Hunger Action Congregations and how to become one please visit their website

Presbyterian Missions


Fresh Vegetable in Basket



providing and/or sharing food in a dignified way with an eye to long-term structural solutions



learning about systemic causes of hunger, leading towards faithful action that is informed and directed by directly affected people and partners

Corporate & Public Policy Witness

advocating and campaigning for changes in policies and practices to end hunger and its causes, promote self-development, and care for creation

Home Gardening

Development Assistance

addressing the root causes of hunger and poverty through equitable and sustainable development

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adopting sustainable personal and corporate lifestyles to restore justice and protect all of God’s creation

Prayer Group


incorporating prayer, education, and preaching about ending hunger and its causes into worship