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Our Mission

Loving all People,
Living our Faith,
and Following Jesus.

Our History

We are the oldest organized church society in the city of Buffalo, Minnesota, and were the first church building to be built in the city.  Missionaries from the Synod visited Buffalo as early as the winter of 1867, but it was decided to wait for several years to see how the community would grow.  In November of 1875, eight people from Buffalo formally petitioned the Presbytery Committee on Missions to organize the Buffalo Church, and the first congregational meeting was held on December 27th of that year. 

On January 7, 1877, the first church building was dedicated in downtown Buffalo.
Since its beginning, Buffalo Presbyterian Church has been a congregation steeped in community outreach and involvement.  It's a warm and friendly place of worship, Christian education and fellowship.  The church endeavors to make the message of salvation through Jesus Christ relevant in today's world and extend God's hand of love to those in need.


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