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Community Art Projects
Last updated on December 11, 2018


Illustrated Journal Class
Wednesday, January 9 at 10:00 AM

Come join artist Jennie Beck, owner of “Play With Art”, and Vice Chair of Buffalo Art Guild.  You will be given a journal and have the opportunity to use art supplies in creative ways.  Supplies will be provided for a creative experience.  Jennie recommends that everyone bring their own paint shirt or apron as we will get messy.

You do not need to know how to draw or write to create an illustrated journal.  All you need is a desire to express yourself, a willingness to play, get messy and try something new.  You will be shown ideas, techniques, and suggestions as you create your own unique journal. Yes, you will be able to keep the journal you get in class. You will be given handouts, prompts and resources to help you on your creative journey. Hopefully you will keep creating new pages throughout the year.
This opportunity if offered by C. A.  P., while a donation of $5.00 is suggested. Space is limited. Please go online to register for this class at: bpc.cap@gmail


2nd Wednesday of the month
10:00 – 12:00 at BPC.
Suggested $5.00 donation per class.
Jan. 1/9/19:
Jennie Beck

Feb. 2/13/19: 
Mary Zillman
Watercolor program

March 3/13/19:
Abundant Kitchen


Congregational Development Award 2018

 Buffalo Presbyterian Church, undertook a transformative restructuring of our congregation and its place in our community.  This concept named, Together and Growing, (TAG), began its work in 2012 as part of the Mission in a Changing World Program sponsored by the Presbytery of The Twin Cities Area.  The four strategic objectives that were the focus for BPC and TAG were:

1.To energize Sunday morning worship & Education

2.To share our faith by using fine arts opportunities that intersect with our community.

3.To share an enriching ministry with seniors (new retirees) in our community.


4.To stay committed to children

We designed an opportunity this Spring, 2018, to engage further with newly retired and elderly through fine arts. In May 2018, an application was sent to the Committee on Congregational Vitality, specifically requesting funds in the area of Congregational Development.
In August, 2018. BPC was awarded a Congregational Development Grant. This grant, Ministry through the Arts will allow us to engage further with newly retired and retired people through fine arts events.

Once a month, art events held at BPC, will be developed for people both within our congregation and community. These events will have local instructors teach/demonstrate various activities that will be opened to the public and will be focused on connecting our church to our community, including a strong partnership with the Buffalo Art Guild.