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Why Choose Buffalo Presbyterian Church?
Buffalo Presbyterian Church is very involved in community activities.
  • Good Friday Service
  • Thanksgiving Service
  • Community Breakfast
  • Maundy Thursday Service
  • Jamaica Mission Trip
  • Buffalo Food Shelf
  • American Red Cross Blood Drive – 2 times per year at our church
  • Love INC.
  • Kiwanis – meets at our church
  • Alcoholics Anonymous – meets at our church
  • Meals on Wheels – BPC delivers during the month of September  

We have great activities within our congregation that also reach out to the community.  
Clearwater Forest is a Presbyterian church camp in north central Minnesota. We send campers there every year. A women’s retreat is held there in the fall.  www.clearwaterforest.org


The Community of Buffalo, Minnesota

Buffalo, Minnesota is a great community located just Northwest of Minneapolis/Saint Paul.  Here are some websites that will give you better insight as to who we are as a community.

  • The school district is ISD #877 and includes the Buffalo, Hanover and Montrose communities. The website is www.bhmschools.org
  • Buffalo has a weekly newspaper, the Wright County Journal Press, and a weekly flyer called The Drummer. www.thedrummer.com
  • For a good overview of Buffalo, visit the city’s website as well as the Chamber of Commerce website. www.ci.buffalo.mn.us.      www.buffalochamber.org
  • The theatre is alive and well in Buffalo.  A major production is always a great event in the late summer. www.buffalocommunitytheatre.org
  • Buffalo has a number of great health facilities.  We also participated in the national Bounce Back Project, a daily reminder to name things in our day that made us happy.
  • Buffalo has two very comprehensive care centers.  Lake Ridge Care Center offers assisted living, nursing home care, and hospice for end of life care. Their kitchen is where the community gets meals to deliver to shut ins. www.lakeridgecarecenter.org
  • The Buffalo Food Shelf serves the community in many ways. It is open 3 days a week and there are seasonal food baskets distributed at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.   The Food Shelf Board is created by members of all churches in Buffalo.  www.buffalofoodshelf.org
  • Buffalo Churches combine often for community services.  The Thanksgiving Service is held at Zion Lutheran to accommodate a large crowd.   Good Friday also is a community service that rotates among the churches in Buffalo. www.zionbuffalo.org/tag/ministerial-association
  • This Minnesota website gives an overview of the demographics. www.mn.gov/admin/demography