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Youth Programs
Last updated on January 13, 2019

Sunday Morning Childrens Ministry
10:45am - 11:30am

(for children grades 1-5) 

We are excited to begin a new adventure on Sunday mornings with our children’s ministry.  

We are introducing a rotational learning setting. The same Bible story or theme is taught for several weeks while children rotate to a different station each week. The story remains the same, but children encounter it in different ways in each station.  We look forward to sharing this new adventure with you.

Please contact Julie Long for more information
Julie Long @ julielng580@aol.com

Sunday Morning Youth Fellowship

10:45am - 11:30am
(for youth in grades 6 and up)

Join us in the youth room on Sunday mornings to reconnect with each other and with God.

Confirmation Class

10/28/18: Welcome to Confirmation Class

11/4/18: The Beginnings

11/11/18: Reformed and Always Reforming

11/18/18: Sovereignty of God

12/2/18: Church Decorating

12/9/18: Sin and Human Nature

1/6/18: Jesus is Lord

1/13/19: Jesus is Savior

1/20/19: Word and Response

1/27/19: Statements of Faith….. So Far

2/3/19: Church Visit

2/10/19: Book of Confessions

2/17/19: Polity

2/24/19: Worship

3/3/19: Sacraments

3/10/19: Church Visit

3/17/19: Life of Faith

3/24/19: Welcome to the Church

4/14/19: Finishing Up Statements of Faith

5/5/19: Confirmation Sunday

Evening YAC

6:45pm - 7:30pm
(for grades 6-12)

Youth Adventures with Christ (YAC) is a multi-age group which emphasizes building Christian relationships with each other as well as having fun along the way.

This year we will be learning about how current news events fit into a biblical context using
"The Wired Word". 

 For more information please contact
Julie Long @ julielng580@aol.com

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