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From the Pastor's Desk
Last updated on March 29, 2018

Pastor's Page

“The Bible is the means through which we are introduced to Jesus and invited to follow Him in the life of humility and service. Secured by the knowledge that in Christ, our origin... and destination is God, we will yield the fruit of service to God. This is the "so what" of our Bible reading. Does it shape our spirits in love and humility? Does it lead us more fully into life with God? (Life with God, p. 34-35)”
― Richard Foster

Study of Scripture has been an important part of the Christian life since the time of the apostles and has risen in prominence ever since the invention of the printing press and the events of the Protestant Reformation in Europe. Bible study is one of the key pieces in our formation as Christians, it leads us to Christ and reveals to us glimpses of God’s kingdom. It helps in our transformation from broken people into image bearers of Christ Jesus.

Study of scripture can be an important piece of one’s personal spiritual practice, but it shouldn’t be only a personal practice. As Christians we are called to live, worship, and serve together as a community and thus our spiritual formation and study of scripture must also be a part of that communal life. We are fortunate at Buffalo Presbyterian Church to have a Bible study on Sunday mornings before worship for all adults as well as two Bible studies for women on Thursday mornings. In seeking to expand on our current offerings for adult formation we are starting two men’s study groups that will meet during the week. One will meet on Tuesdays at 10:30am in the Heritage Room and the other will meet on Wednesdays at 6pm in the Heritage Room. Both studies will begin the week of April 22nd.

Both groups will start by studying the book Dethroning Mammon, by Anglican Archbishop Justin Welby. In Dethroning Mammon Welby uses scripture to look at our attitudes about, our handling of, and the social pressures surrounding us in regards to money.

If you are interested in participating in either study group please contact the office, office@buffalopresbyterian.org or call 763.682.2773, so that we can order you a book. The books cost $12 each but are available on Kindle for just under $9 if you would like to purchase your own e-reader copy. Please let the office know by April 12th so that we can order the books and get them to the you before the first meeting of the study group. If you have any questions please contact me or stop by the office to see me.

Whether it is in one (or more) of the study groups at BPC or in some other group I encourage you all to continue your own spiritual formation and exploration of the Bible as we seek to walk the path of Jesus in this world.

Peace of Christ,
Pastor Brian