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From the Pastor's Desk
Last updated on February 1, 2019

Pastor's Page

BPC SESSION GOALS 2019: At the Session retreat in January the Elders and Deacons set some goals for Buffalo Presbyterian Church. These goals are big and will require no small amount of energy, time, money, and commitment, but we believe these goals are aligned with the direction the Holy Spirit is calling BPC and that with God these goals are more than possible. There will be a talk back time with the Session in regards to these goals during CCC on Sunday February 10th. Please feel free to reach out to Pastor Brian or any member of Session with questions and comments in regards to these goals.

-TAG: BPC entered the Together And Growing process at the start of Pastor Sara’s time and out of that process came some wonderful and needed changes in the life of BPC, as we move on from the TAG process we give thanks for all the good that has come from it and for the many people who devoted time and energy to this process.

-Youth: The Session is committed to the youth of our congregation and so we hope to pursue these goals to help strengthen the youth ministry at BPC.

    -Include already confirmed youth more in CCC, including having youth on the SYNC team.

    -Hire a part time youth leader; using grant money to fund the position for the first year or two. Fill the position by August 1st, 2019.    


One Year Goals -Increase Special Offering giving and keep our % of the offerings.

Three Year Mission Goals -Have 6 mission events per year

        -2 C.A.P. events per month and 1 youth C.A.P. event per month

        -2% of General Offering Budget is Mission*

Five Year Mission Goals -10 mission events per year

        -5% of General Offering Budget is Mission*

Ten Year Mission Goals -10% of General Offering Budget is Mission*

        -12 mission events a year

        -Begin larger ministry: soup kitchen, emergency housing, etc.  

*Above and beyond money raised at Craft Sale


-Hunger Action Pledge: In 2018 BPC signed the pledge to become a Hunger Action Congregation with the Presbyterian Hunger Program, which means we will work in these six areas to alleviate hunger.

Hunger Alleviation: providing and/or sharing food in a dignified way with an eye to long-term structural solutions

Development assistance: addressing the root causes of hunger and poverty through equitable and sustainable development

Hunger Education: learning about systemic causes of hunger, leading towards faithful action that is informed and directed by directly affected people and partners

Lifestyle Integrity: adopting sustainable personal and corporate lifestyles to restore justice and protect all of God’s creation

Corporate and Public Policy Witness: advocating and campaigning for changes in policies and practices to end hunger and its causes, promote self-development, and care for creation

Worship: incorporating prayer, education, and preaching about ending hunger and its causes into worship

In order to live into this pledge the Session has set these goals:

  • Three Month Goal: Educate congregation and encourage participation.

  • One Year Goal: Fulfill all 6 areas of action, 3 still in need of completion; Development Assistance, Worship, Corporate and Public Policy Witness.

  • Three Year Goal: Have completed 3 activities per action area.

  • Five Year Goal: Become an Earth-care Congregation.

-Kitchen Upgrades:

    - create a taskforce to coordinate the needed kitchen upgrades, to be  lead by Al and Ash.

    -The first task is to write CCV grant to help fund upgrades, with the grant ready for Session approval at February meeting.

-Kitchen upgrades to be completed in 3 years following the timeline set by the taskforce.

-Full time Pastor: Work to make Pastor Brian full time starting in 2020.